BP Oil Spill (Louisiana)

A Prime Contractor for BP, responsible for more than $200M in spend. As one example of his abilities, he created “Responder Village” a mini-city of ground-zero management camps and housing for a 1,000+ man clean-up workforce in Venice and Hopedale, Louisiana, in only one week’s time.

Hurricane Maria (Miami, FL)

A subcontractor providing cut teams, equipment with operators, and trucks and trailers for disaster recovery operations at 392 Miami-Dade schools and Virginia Gardens, Biscayne Park, Miramar and Lauderhill, provided and managed over 100 laborers for the event

Hurricane Harvey (Houston, TX)

Provided Emergency Response and Search & Rescue crews. Sara Bonilla provided and managed over 100 laborers for the event.

Hurricane Katrina (Louisiana)

Provided over thirty crews with equipment and trailers to pick up white goods, debris removal, and provide tree cutting services. Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, Gustav and Ike (Louisiana & Mississippi)— Administered Disaster Housing Assistance Programs (DHAP) for FEMA and HUD, providing $7M—15M in housing assistance benefits for more than 5,000 families monthly.

Baton Rouge 2016 Flooding Event (Louisiana)

Provided Emergency Response crews and performed commercial and residential remediation, capsulation and rebuild. Tracy Robinson provided 559 damage assessments of residences for a Prime Contractor of the Louisiana Shelter at Home Program